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Title: “Some parents feel that children should be given an allowance.

Children are becoming more independent as the years go by, a five year old child today
is way more aware of his surroundings than they were a decade ago.

Giving a child allowance is one way of teaching them responsibility and preparing them to appreciate money as they grow into adulthood. Receiving an allowance teaches them to understand the importance of finishing what you start and finishing it well.   As human beings we all need an incentive regardless of our age, it really does not matter if we’re young or old, the brain reacts in the same way when we know that a reward is coming and what better reward is there to receive but a monetary allowance especially at the ripe age of eleven.

tells you that you are doing something well
makes you feel important
Encourages you to do more
Sense of accomplishment

you feel more independent
You can reach your goals
You have a reason to worry

you’re happy

Giving a child an allowance is an excellent way to let them know that you trust them in making the right choices and if they don’t they will no longer be rewarded. Parents that want to begin to give their children an allowance should first make sure that the child fully understands that this is not a thing that is obligated but that is earned and that if they do not complete the task the allowance will stop the same way that if they consistently continue to do a great job the allowance amount will increase. Giving guidelines at the beginning is a great way to make sure that you and your child will get the most out of the allowance experience


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