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My thoughts of the meaning of “deviancy” are, “one that differs from a norm, especially a person whom behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards. In other words, deviancy, to me is committing an act or behavior that is wrong to social standards”.
During my life there has been many times where I have experienced “Deviancy”, the one that stands out the most for me would be my ex-girlfriend, and the mother of my children. Throughout the 13 years I was with her, my life seems to be as perfect as I would ever want it to be. Had a woman of my dreams, and together we created two amazingly beautiful boys. Life couldn’t get any better, for two people to start out so young, at the age of 15 years old, we had the world in the palm of our hands. Then about ten years into our relationship, things started to change, but I was too in love to notice it. Laurie the mother of my children had been having affairs on me, not just one, later found out it had been going on for years. Socially unacceptable, everyone knew but me. That is what I consider to be deviancy. How can someone pretend to love someone so much, but yet behind my back, was a totally different person. Socially unacceptable, she lost everything she had, including family, friends, and her job. Years later I still don’t understand her, or her actions.
Thus, I can say deviancy has been a part of my life for years. Looking at the world as a whole, I believe deviancy is a big part of everyone’s life, in one way or other. There is no such thing in sociality’s today, to find anyone whom is not deviant, it’s a way of life, and not always bad, deviancy can also be the most innocent actions as well.


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