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Physical Education in Ancient Time

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Edneatha Williams
Chapter 2 Review- PER 300
January 31, 2009
Chapter Two talks about athletic ability and physical fitness in the ancient time. Also how the people in the ancient time use athletic ability and physical fitness to survive. They use them for military training to. The same games and sport that were in the ancient time are the same ones that are in the modern time. Some of the games were wrestling, fishing, dominoes, and more. The Sumerian lives in an area identify as Mesopotamia, but today it is Iraq. I was very impress about that. They also invent cuneiform writing. That how they communicate in the ancient. In the ancient time, women couldn’t participate in physical education. They though it was for the men because they were working out like the military people. I think the women should have the same right as the men. Everything was dangerous back in time because they did not have the proper equipment for sports like in today world. Men gather around lions to keep them from escaping. Many of the men were mauled by the animals. In today world, we will not do that because we have sense to build a fence and put them in. Most of the things that were done in ancient time we will not to it now. Also they had track and field events. All the athletes use the same equipment in the field events. So they had to adjust to the equipment. The same games and sports they did back in the ancient, we still have some the games, but some of the rules are different. I am glad that I was not back in the ancient time because I did not like how they treated women because we have the same rights as men. Also the equipments were not the best equipment to have. Thank God I was born in the modern time.
      The Sumerians lived in an area historians identify as: C     A. Sumer
B. China
C. Mesopotamia
D. Egypt
      __, _, _, and _ are foot requires the ancient warriors use to be in physical shape to ensure survival of his village or city....


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