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Carolyn Smart Stoning the Moon

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Analytical Essay – Carolyn Smart: Stoning the Moon

Carolyn Smart is a Canadian author who teaches contemporary Canadian literature and creative writing and Queen’s university. The creative genius of Carolyn Smart begins as early as 17 when she created a poem called Vibrations, edited by Gage publishing and intended for study in schools. One of Carolyn Smart’s most interesting pieces is Stoning the Moon. Stoning the Moon is a heartfelt poem about the relationship between two sisters. They have lost their parents at a relatively early age and live with no one but each other. A simple line from the poem is enough to explain the depth and passion behind the poem. The author says: “I see you smile, that special, private way, and I take heart.” There are many themes that can be taken out of this poem. But ultimately the strongest theme, the most reoccurring theme, and the most important theme is love. Carolyn Smart illuminates the theme of love in a special way. There are few literary pieces with as much love and agony behind them. However, there is a song by a Canadian band which is slightly more depressing but illuminates the theme of love in a special way similar to Stoning the Moon. Nickelback has released six mainstream albums and has received wide spread criticism for their work. The song that deeply exhibits the theme of love is “Someday” released in 2003. Both Stoning the Moon by Carolyn Smart and Someday by Nickelback demonstrate the theme of love through their delivery techniques, underlying meaning, and use of literary devices.

The delivery techniques of Stoning the Moon and Someday are very different however they both manage to illuminate the theme of love throughout. Stoning the Moon by Carolyn smart starts of mysteriously, setting the stage by using the phrase “Somewhere beneath your skin is a pocket of secrets.” Although in the description of the poem Carolyn Smart says “for my sister Lyndsay” it is not until a few lines in that the reader can...


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