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Before 1995, networking was such a thing that people would ever think of. It was something
thatunrealistic. But in somehow, it tipped. And, nowadays, Networking, another word of The Internet,
is one of the most necessary things for human being because it is the fastest, most convenient way of
communicating, transferring information from one to another. There are many social networking such
as WWW.Myspace.com or WWW.Facebook.com or WWW.Yahoo.com contributing many different ways
of communicating, getting information for the community. Meeting all three characteristics of the
tipping points, “Contagiousness”, “the little causes can make big effects”, and “it happened at one
dramatic moment.” makes Craigslist become one of the most useful and popular website that none of
San Franciscan do not know about www.craigslist.org.
Craigslist is a website on which provides free posting services for users. Basically, Craigslist is a
community network that does not have any advertisements or images and it is convenience, easy for
people to seek for anything they need on this website.
Observing the people in the community helping each other in friendly and truthful by using the
online sources motivated Craig Newmark to do something more creative, more convenient for the
community. 1995, the first list of Craig which annualized all about events, activities in San Francisco
went into service. People could post things on Craigslist. Those postings which were mostly about
working, housing social events, software,… were submitted by Newmark. However, at this period of
time, Craigslist was not really popular, people had hardly ever heard about this list. Soon, because of its
convenience and simple for users, the word of mouth epidemics as a connector, again brought the name
of Craigslist from one to another. As Malcolm Gladwell described in the book The Tipping Point, How A
little things makes big differences in...


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