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BBC Learning English – 15 Minute Programmes 15 分钟节目 About this script Please note that this is not a word for word transcript of the programme as broadcast. In the recording and editing process, changes may have been made which may not be reflected here.

关于台词的备注: 请注意这不是广播节目的逐字稿件。本文稿可能没有体现录制、编辑过程中对 节目做出的改变。

Cheap Fashion 便宜的时装 Sun Chen: Jo: Sun Chen: Jo: Hi Jo – that’s a nice shirt you're wearing today? Where did you get it? Actually it was a real bargain… 怎么,是打了折买的?– how much? Well I actually bought it at the supermarket for just a few pounds. And you’re going to hear a lot more about cheap clothes in today’s BBC Learning English programme. 好啊,我们今天就来看看,在英国,怎么样少花钱,也一样能时尚。 我是孙晨。 And I'm Jo. The cheap fashion business in the UK is booming at the moment. 是啊,现在可真是商业极其发达,要想买便宜的衣服,还不光是在主 流的品牌专卖店里,就连超市现在也开始卖衣服。 So it's not unusual to come back from buying your weekly food with a nice new pair of jeans or shoes that probably won't have cost a lot of money. 不过要说起来,便宜的衣服也不是什么新鲜事儿,只不过以前没有现 在这么流行罢了。Jane McNally 就是一位这样的廉价服装品牌特许 经营的主管, 他们的品牌就是 Peacocks. Why are cheap fashions suddenly so popular?

Sun Chen:

Jo: Sun Chen:


Sun Chen:

Jo: Insert

I think today's fashion shopper is a lot more fashion aware than they've ever been before. And I think this confidence has built up amongst the consumers so they don’t have to rely on a particular label or brand – and so they're quite happy to shop around. They want to achieve the looks they don't want to spend a fortune in getting there because they've got a lot of other priorities to spend their cash on nowadays so I think it's become perfectly acceptable now to shop in a value retailer.

Jo: Sun Chen:

Jane said today's fashion shopper is a lot more fashion aware. To be aware 就是意识到。现在追求服装时尚的人,可是比以前任何 年代都要更关注自己是不是更时尚。而且在这些消费群体当中,信心 是他们的重要支柱。英语当中建立起来,就是…… To build up – to build up confidence. And consumers. 就是消费者。现在的消费者在逛街的时候,也是越来越自信了。他们 也再不是依靠什么品牌,来锁定自己要买的东西了。依靠就是…… To rely on. 现在大多数的消费者都喜欢逛更多的商店。 To shop...


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