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Ways of Encouraging Public Transport

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Nowadays, it is estimated that almost every family owns a car in Malaysia.   As a result, the traffic demand is getting greater from day to day and it leads to heavy traffic jam on the road.   However, people refuse to use public transport due to high fares, infrequent, unreliable and slow services.   These problems must be solved in order to encourage people to use public transports.

First of all, we can reduce fares and offer discounts in order to promote public transports.   For instance, we can have lower rates for off-peak travel times or a range from daily to annual season.   On the other hand, children and old folks are offered lower fares for using public transports.   With this, people will start to take accounts of using public transports instead of private vehicles.

In addition, bus and train stations should provide real-time information for passengers.   It includes route number of the bus or train, destination of the arriving vehicle and the waiting time in minutes.   Despite of minimizing the waiting time of the passengers, they can also use the time to do some other tasks without the fear of missing the bus.   Moreover, the buses and trains will become more punctual with the usage of real-time displays.

Furthermore, we have to improve the stops and stations with enclosed waiting areas, seating, washrooms, internet services and other convenience and comfort features.   It is important to provide clean transit vehicles and safe waiting areas to the passengers.   We also need to build more train stations and train lines to provide convenient walking distance of their homes and destinations.

As a conclusion, we have to reduce fares, provide real-time information and improve the stops and stations to encourage people to use public transports.   They will think that transit travel is more convenient than driving and saves wear-and-tear on their car.   With this, the traffic demand will be reduced.   We can have a better driving on roads from now on.


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