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"anything that goes around doesnt mean anything will come back" - Uncivilbanks


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I believe that everyone is superstitious about one thing or another.

Maybe a black cat crossing your path or spilling the salt.

I have my own superstitions or maybe just beliefs that are weird. For example, Years Eve I put silver coins on the windows ceils and eat pickled hearing this is supposed to bring you Good luck with money for the coming year. I know crazy right I also have to be with my husband on Year’s eve so at midnight I can kiss him for Good Luck. I will work every other Holiday just to be home on Year’s Eve.

I have heard of many different things that people do because of a superstition

You may not walk under a ladder or like the number 13

I believe that if you are good people they will be good to you (this may not always happen) but to give is to receive. That is just my thought; you never know when you may stumble in to a hard time.

I am also extremely superstitious with say thing that you really not mean. We all get pissed off and anger that is a given, you may end up say something that you wish that could be taken back.

What is said is said there is no rewind button on life; when mean, hurtful are said out of anger that is remember forever!

Here is why I truly try my best not to say thing that I don’t mean even when I am pissed off.

When I was three years old my mother married my stepfather. He was the most caring, loving man there ever was. He treated me and my old sister as if we were his own, he and my sister would fight often.

I was almost sixteen years old, my sister and him had been fighting I can remember this like it was yesterday. When she looked at him and said” I wish you were dead” he reply say it again and you might get your wish, so she did.

At about 1 AM she was walking in from being out with friends, as she walk in he was taking his very last breath at the young age of 46. I cannot help but to believe that...


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