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The Scientific and Political Advantages of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Katie Wayne
4th Period
Economics Honors
Term Paper
The Scientific and Political Advantages of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
          There are over two hundred different kinds of cells in the human body that can all be traced back to the pool of stem cells in the embryo. During early development and even later on in life these stem cells can become specified cells that carry out different functions in the human body. The two types of stem cells are Embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells, both of which are characterized by the ability to renew themselves and even develop into other kinds of cells in the body. Embryonic Stem Cells are developed from a female egg four to five days after the sperm fertilizes it while adult stem cells are produced all throughout a person’s lifetime. Both of these kinds of stem cells provide both promise and limitations. Over the past two decades, scientists from around the world have been deciphering the process of how the unspecialized stem cells become the specialized cells in our body. Some of the world’s most powerful countries such as Great Britain, Japan, China, Brazil, and India all promote the use of stem cell research. In order for the United States to stay on the cutting edge of the medical science around the world it is important to pursue the advantages of stem cell research. This area of research is a new and growing area of health and science and has the potential to cure Parkinson’s disease, replace or repair damaged organs and may even play a huge role in finding a cure for cancer. The federal government should support embryonic stem cell research because the benefits outweigh the moral costs because of the innumerable potential benefits it can provide to the medical community.
          In the 1950’s during bone marrow experiments, scientists discovered the powerful stem cells, which allow humans to regenerate tissue and lead to the discovery of stem cells. This discovery raised hope for the medical...


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