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Industrial Revolution 14

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If every time technology changes, then everything around it changes and it is an exponential process. 20 years ago, people used filing cabinets, and a pencil and paper, but recently, with the invention of computers, all that has been turned into hard disks, and emails, and gigabytes. Before the Industrial Revolution, people were farmers, and life was pretty slow, but with inventions like the cotton gin, and the assembly line, mass production evolves life became fast as speed of light. The term Industrial Revolution has been used to describe the most extensive change the world has ever experienced. The era of Industrial Revolution gave us the invention of Steam power, Electricity, and Petro-chemical energy.
In 18th century, James Watt a scientist invented the Steam engine which uses steam to generate heat and produced energy that runs the machines. Watt figured out how converts the steam to energy that is less expensive than coal. Most old-school train around us, run with steam engine, still benefits us to go from one place to the other.
The biggest name in Industrial Revolution is Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison, American inventor, invented the light bulb really help us to light up our houses and streets. He invented the phonograph, the early IPOD who record and plays back sounds. He also invented the Kinetograph, which also know as motion pictures, it can captures picture in continuously which we called now video.
In early 19th, many scientists make experiment with many different chemical to find more powerful energy. They found out that there is no other material burn like coal. Almost everything made today is coal or oil base product, from desks, films, plastic containers. It gives energy to cars, airplanes, machines and it also the number one source of electricity today.
The Industrial Revolution affected the whole stability of a nation, not only the economy. It affected the relationships between classes, and also the relationships between countries. The most...


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