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Bound and Unbound, Modern and Ballet

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Bound and Unbound, Ballet and Modern
As I stood at the ballet bar doing limitless plies and tendus while getting counts screamed at me as well as being poked and prodded by my ballet instructor who was trying to correct my alignment, I began to realize how much I disliked Ballet. Through my years of dancing I have come to see that Modern dance and ballet dance seem to be directed towards two different groups of people. I myself, a more creative, unbound and outgoing type of person have found that I enjoy Modern dance much more than Ballet. Concentrating on that observation, I noticed that my friends that share the same type of personality as me also enjoy modern dance. however, my friends that are more conservative, structured and controlled enjoy ballet. "Why is this?" I began to wonder, I knew there had to be a direct reason. Somewhere between the countless warm-ups done in class, the techniques we were taught and the attire permitted for each style I would find my answer.
Ballet and modern dance, those are the two styles of dance that you will find yourself learning while attending a prestigious dance school or workshop. These two styles can be compared and contrasted in various ways. Ballet and Modern are both taught nationally and have been for many years, allowing the respective styles to grow and refine themselves. Ballet though, predates Modern by at least a couple hundred years. Ballet originated in Paris in 1581 with the first ballet ever choreographed called Ballet Comique de la Reine. Ballet stood the test of time and made its way through the Renaissance period, even all the way to the Baroque period in the late 17th and 18th centuries. Although ballet had strong roots in France, its principles and grace traveled to  distant, far off countries like Russia, Germany, Britain, and eventually America.
Ballet was sparking curiosity and interest in the arts worldwide, but while ballet was arriving in America and being enjoyed by many, others found it...


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