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Discipline at School

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“Five minutes until recess is over, you little bastards!” is not only a comic excerpt from the South Park elementary school playground uttered by an old frustrated school groundskeeper. And if you felt hurt, it presumably means, you have never experienced teaching children at all. Throughout decades disruptive pupils have become a disgraceful school trait worldwide. In fact, the problem is still getting worse and worse with little hope of getting better in the future. Strangely enough, the more educational reforms the school goes through the more rowdy young students appear to be. Experience clearly shows - no swift solution is possible. But whose problem is it and what can be done to lessen this wrong behavior and its impact on classroom teaching? Every day observation seems to be explicit - joint effort is our unique chance.
The first group   responsibility lies with are teachers and their pupils. It is school where the problem starts and it is the first place to ponder. As   time goes by both tutors and students change their attitude towards learning and mutual understanding during classes. Unfortunately, the change is of bad characteristics. Many teachers tend to be indifferent to the education and   behavior of their students . They do not apply themselves to the job treating it as a necessary evil in response to which pupils become even more ignorant. They lack intrinsic motivation to learn. Some are excessively praised whereas some are simply passed over feeling second-class. Therefore, they find it sometimes easier to miss classes or misbehave during the lecture. This is why teachers should pay more attention to their own class management. Each one should be aware of the needs of an individual. When necessary, strict discipline would be imposed as well. Of course, students must not forget to be self-disciplined and consistent or else they and even their parents will have to suffer the consequences.
Parental   upbringing and care often plays the key role in...


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