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About Cellphone

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During the last few years cell phones have become an important part of
our increasingly busy lives. They have changed the atmosphere of our
workplaces facilitating contacts between employee’s and their
co-workers. We use cell phones to call for help when we are in danger or
a difficult situation. Thanks to cell phones, parents can find out at
any moment what happens to their children when they are late home.
Nowadays, these small and easy electronic devices are the things we
cannot imagine our lives without.
The evolution of cell phones has a relatively recent but interesting
history. 1947 is considered to be an important year for the cellular
phone industry "In that year researchers first developed ideas as to
the possibility of creating mobile phones that used "cells " that would
identify a user in whatever specific region he or she was initiating the
call from (Cell Phones : History of . Separate radio frequencies for
mobile calling were opened up by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States. But because at that time only twenty-three
cell phone conversations were allowed in a given calling area , there was
no market incentive for further research to be carried out in this field (Cell Phones : History of . Later in 1968 the FCC reconsidered its
position and decided to increase the frequencies allocation "freeing the
airwaves for more mobile phones. Shortly after that "AT T and Bell Labs
proposed a cellular system of many small low-powered, broadcast towers,
each covering a "cell” a few miles in radius and collectively covering a
larger area. Each tower would use only a few of the allocated to the system. As the phones travelled across the area, calls
would be passed from tower to tower (Mary Bellis, History of Cellular
It is considered that the first modern portable cellular phone was
invented in 1973 by Dr Martin Cooper, a general manager for the systems
division at Motorola. It was...


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