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Good Qualities

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When most people think of care givers they think of their mothers, fathers, teachers, and even friends.   A care giver doesn’t have to be somebody who provides a roof over your head, or puts food in your mouth. A care giver is someone who provides love, kindness and strength.
A care giver such as a mom will provide love. It may not always be the mushy love we expect but it is the kind of love that will save us from ourselves.
This kind of love is the kind of love that makes us strong when we are week. It’s honesty and sometimes even what we don’t want to hear.
Caregivers must also show kindness. They must show the kindness that people in this day and age no longer see. It’s the give you the shirt off my back kindness that makes the world strong. It isn’t always easy to be kind, but for some reason these people are able to find kindness even when it seems like there is no kindness left to give.
Strength is also important. It isn’t the kind of strength that allows you to lift heavy objects it’s the kind of strength that helps you see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Strength is important because it allows us to help others even under the worst conditions. Having strength can make others strong.
I can’t say that I would put these things before my health but I can say that it’s good to have these qualities. Being strong, providing kindness and showing someone love is what can save a life. These qualities are not always easy to have and someone who has these qualities also has a great deal of responsibility. These things are what make the bad things not look so bad.


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