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Relationships Lead to Better Sex

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Hey everyone,
Its me pulkit. Lets talk about relationships. This word is troubling me since so long. I kept thinking about it and its do's and dont's. Well it has many merits and demrits also but still its unique.

We singles often hesitate to go in any relationship. We always prefer a good looking partner who is easy. And this easy makes us difficult. I mean when we opt for dating someone we look out for good looking bodies and if we find one, we, without wasting a single minute start to get into his/her life. we dont even care about what that person thinks or do. Our body gets energetic to satisfy its needs. We always listen to our heart after seeing any one we like. But i say listen to your brain.

Good looks are not the end and not the start. An ok looking person can be made goodlooking but you cant change someone's thinking and behaviour. There are many factors which lead to bad endings.

We should change ourselves first. Our biggest mistake we do is to change others. When we see someone we start to act like a high court judge.

We never think that are we the one for our partner or not?
whether we deserve this person or not?
we can easily read others writing mistakes but cant see our work. I mean make yourself perfect first. Who says that we cant be perfect????

We can be perfect and the most demandable person in the whole community. Just need a little fix.

First of all is appeareance...in our case beauty matters. I know you must be thinking that earlier i said that good looks dosent matter but they does in our case. Try to understand . First look out for urself.

Ask yourself "Am i that good looking that anyone can be with me???"

We need to make ourselves so blessed with sophestication and glam body that not even a single individual would be there to say "no"..

I know making ourselves that good looking is a tough task but in my opinion its not. We just need to balance our life and transform and budget it in a way that we utilise...


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