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Mf Hussain & His Fettered Art

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M.F. Hussain is an Indian citizen and has been living in exile for close to four years and residing in Saudi Arabia. He is a controversial painter. In the past he has made paintings of Hindu deities showing them naked. First of all, I have no doubt, he is an excellent painter. But that doesn’t mean he can draw nude drawings of Gods, especially where people are against nudity culture. There are lots of things to draw; I don’t know what made him draw nude paintings of Hindu Gods. Art should not hurt people’s feeling, it must give gratification to them.

It was protested by a section of society. According to parties like Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad : “M.F. Hussain depicts the Deity or person he hates as being naked. He shows the Prophet's mother, his own mother, his daughter, all the Muslim personalities fully clothed, but in contrast Hindus and Hindu Deities along with Hitler are shown naked. This proves his hatred for Hindus.”

Some say in his favour , “He drew those goddesses ,whose nude portraits or sculptures are already on the temples in   Khajuraho.”   But let me tell you, even I have visited Khajuraho, the nude sculptures are not of Gods!!!
He also drew sexual acts like Durga having with tiger, naked Sita on the lap of Ravana, which is just figment of imagination and are not 'depicted' in caves or temples anywhere in India.

India has been wounded by innumerable terrorist attacks. Instead of expressing her pain, MF Hussain has humiliated her and has added insult to her injury by showing her being raped   in his painting “Rape of India”. Representing India as a woman being raped, is nothing but terrible denigration. For an Indian, 'Bharat Mata' is a Goddess and not some figurative concept and showcasing her in this manner is highly outrageous and a completely unacceptable form of denigration. No one is having right to point on Nations image and culture. Especially a person who is having social responsibility should...


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