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shooting for success
Fresh out of law school, Stern worked at the New York firm Proksauer Rose, where he served as outside counsel to the NBA. He left the firm in 1978 to join the NBA as general counsel, and was named the league's executive vice president in 1980.

Rising through the ranks, Stern was unanimously elected as the fourth commissioner and began his term on February 1, 1984 -- the same year Michael Jordan turned pro. At the start of Stern's tenure, the league was close to bankruptcy. Not only was the NBA losing its fans, it was also tainted by management-labor wars, drug use, and overall conflict.

To say that Stern turned the NBA around would be an understatement. Since 1984, the NBA's revenue has increased by 500% -- quite a difference from the time when at least 17 teams were suffering from financial losses. Drug use in the NBA was rampant. No problem, David's stern approach toward drugs helped rid the NBA of that problem by offering treatment to players who came forward with their addiction (without penalty), and zero tolerance toward those who didn't fess up. Stern's work with the NBA also led to the emergence of the salary cap and the creation of NBA Entertainment.

The NBA became more unified, and fans started watching games thanks to stars like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and some Chicago Bulls player, Michael Jordan. Today, ratings for NBC's NBA games draw in large audiences, a far cry from the days when games aired at 11:30pm (a Lakers vs. 76ers 1980 final championship series nonetheless, which today would sweep in the ratings). The days of Stern as NBA commissioner have also helped make the NBA All-Star Game a success, a huge improvement from the days when it wasn't taken seriously.

a string of accomplishments

David Stern is considered the best commissioner in sports -- he and the NBA even survived a lockout and the retirement of Michael Jordan. Stern's major accomplishments include: the addition of NBA franchises; the opening of...


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