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Gone with the Wind - Paper

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Gone with the wind report

    Gone with wind is a story that it talks about the war between Northern America and South America. My main character in the story is Scarlett O'Hara, how she behave, how she dressed, how her parents used to treat her and raise her, I am also going to talk about her emotional life : who   she loved and loved her?
    In the book Gone with the wind Scarlett bring different life to the story. She was the first daughter between her families; she had two sisters' younger called   "Suellen" O'Hara and Carreen O'Hara. Her dad "Gerald O'Hara " spoiled her a lot because he never had a boy and he gets older, her mother "Ellen O’Hara" was so strict about raising her and her two sisters. Scarlett wasn't that beautiful but she wasn't ugly ether. So, all the men did not realize this when caught by her charm. The only man that she loved between the others is Ashely which she knew that he will get married to Melanie. She worked so hard to make him attracted to her and leave Melanie. She wanted him to get married to her instead Melanie before it was too late. And she knew that Ashely is care about her but he is not interested to get married her as what he told her. Charles Hamilton was so in love with Scarlett just like the other men and he was so shy. He asked her to marry him at the barbecue party. Unfortunately, Scarlett said yes only to get revenge from Ashely because he refused her and she announced in the same evening that Ashely announced his engagement too, even her mother tried her best to convince Scarlett to rethink decision about marriage but Scarlett's tenacity becume stronger than anything.
        The men go off to war and Charles dies shortly after of pneumonia. Scarlett is widowed early with son called Wade Hampton Hamilton. Ellen O’Hara gives Scarlett permission to go to Atlanta and stay with Melanie and her Aunt Pittypat. She worked in the hospital as nurse only because she had to. In one evening while the war continued between the...


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