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The Cause and Effect of Brain Drain in Viet Nam

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Student: Nguyen Huu Nhan
Subject: Composition 1
Topic: essay writing 2

    ➢ Do you agree to the opinion that “nuclear power can be a good energy alternative”?

Energy is the essential factor for the human’s development and well-being. However, the main energy that have been using now is come from fossil fuel such as oil, coal, and gases. During the last 50 years, human have used so much fossil fuel which reduce the amount of natural resources and incur environmental pollution. The annual report of United Nation (UN) in September, 2007 estimated that the fossil fuel will be exhausted in 2040 and human ought to find the alternative energy as soon as they can. In this situation, the nuclear power can be a good choice because it is cheap, clean and efficient.

Firstly, nuclear energy is inexpensive. The U.S scientists estimate the cost of nuclear energy is 2 cent per kilowatt-hour which equals the cost of coal. Beside that, the fuel energy can be recycled and used more than one time. This means the using of nuclear energy can reduce the cost of purchasing the new ones. At the present, the nuclear energy supplies 20 percent of the national electricity in The United States; it helps the U.S government save more than 10 Billion U.S dollars per years of importing fossil fuel.

Secondly, nuclear energy is a clean energy. The nuclear energy is different from the fossil energy. Burning fossil fuel creates carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases which contaminate the surrounding environment. On the other hand, the burning nuclear fuel has released the stream water which does not create greenhouse and air pollution; it even eases the climate change. Moreover, the waste from the nuclear operation is small. Therefore, it is easy to be stored, transported and recycled to be used in the future. Through that, we can reduce the expenses that use for improving the environment.

The third factor is the efficiency of using nuclear energy. Because the reactant of a...


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