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A Lesson to Learn

          Once upon a time in Beverly Hills there were four trouble teens. The teens were Brad, Justin, Lindsay, and Paris. They lived their lavish lives in a suburban neighborhood. The teens were very ungrateful to their parents that worked diligently daily. The parents labored to provide for the teens to get them what they wanted and needed. They fail to realize the value of having parents that labored for their children. Brad, Justin, Lindsay, and Paris were very harsh toward their peers about their wealth. However, they did not know that a witch was watching them. The witch would follow behind them everywhere they went even to school. After observing Brad, Justin, Lindsay, and Paris for a certain period of time, she decided to give them a reality check by casting a spell. The spell would change their lives forever. In order for them to break the curse, they have to learn the true meaning of hard work, appreciate their inheritance and to respect other s that is not wealthy. One day it was dark and cloudy. The teens were home alone while their parents were at work. Brad and Lindsay were watching the news on television. The news meteorologist was warning people that lived in Beverly Hills about a possible tornado that was spotted. Therefore, Brad and Lindsay gathered their other siblings and went to the basement. The tornado sirens started going off. Brad immediately closed and locked the basement door. As the tornado approach their neighborhood, the wind got stronger. It picked their house and many others twirling in a circle. The teens started getting dizzy and sleepy.

          After the fell asleep, they woke up and found themselves in the medieval times in England. They began to panic because it was not like the Beverly Hills suburbs where they lived. The town was in poor condition with lots of low and middle class people. As they wonder around a strange guard approached them. The guard took them captive and put them in the back of a...


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