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To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird

      Courage is doing something that’s right when the odds of success are against you. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee there’s many times that courage is showed. Atticus Finch shows courage by defending Tom Robinson, and Miss Dubose shows courage by getting off of the morphine before she dies. Courage is a great thing to have control of and they do.

      Atticus finch is a respected man in Maycomb but not only that he’s a lawyer and the father of Jem and Scout. In the book Atticus is told to defend Tom Robinson in court and he accepts. Tom Robinson is an average black man, father, and hard worker. But in that time black men were frowned upon. In the book Tom gets accused of taking advantage of Mayella Ewell. No one has anything to with the blacks, so for Atticus too accept the job because he has to but because he wants to even though the people will have something to say shows his courage. A lot of people want Tom dead for what he supposedly did. So Atticus goes to the jail and sits outside to protect him.   The next day in court, everyone knows that tom is innocent. But since there prejudice against the blacks they found Tom guilty. Atticus had courage throughout the whole trial. He never gave up even when the odds of success were against him.

      Ms. Henry Lafayette Dubose was very old and lived alone. She spent most of her days in bed or her wheelchair. Ms. Dubose was a morphine addict. She took it for a pain killer, she spent most of her life using it. Ms. Dubose had the courage to stop using something that she knew so well. When she got rid of the morphine it caused to have fits. The fits were caused because she didn’t have the morphine to keep her alert. Because of not using it she slowly started to die. That’s when Jem went to read to her , but she didn’t hear much because of her fits. When she died the kids learned that Ms. Dubose had a goal to get off of the morphine before she died and she did. That shows...


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