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Legalize Marijuana

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Topic: Legalization of Marijuana.

Audience: I will be speaking to college-aged students.

General Purpose:   To Persuade

Specific Purpose:   To persuade my audience that marijuana should be legalized.

    I. Introduction
    A.   Attention Getter:   On November 4th, 2008, history was made.   Not only was the first African-American president elected into office, a very controversial proposal passed in Michigan.   I am talking about Proposal One; this was a proposal for the legalization of medicinal marijuana in the state of Michigan.

    B. Reason to Listen:   Marijuana should be legalized because it could decrease crime and make money for the United States.

    C. Thesis Statement:   Even though marijuana is still illegal for recreation purposes in the United States, many states and countries have legalized it for medical purposes and some even for recreational purposes; such as in Amsterdam.

    D. Credibility Statement:

        1. I have done many hours of research looking up Marijuana on the internet.
        2. I have also read books on Marijuana and its effects.

    E.   Preview of Main Points:
        1. First, I will discuss the health aspects of marijuana use.
        2. Next, I will explain how it is used in the medical field.
        3. Lastly, I will show how much money is spent and could be brought in directly from marijuana.

    II. Marijuana, although perceived to be bad, is actually safer than Tobacco and Alcohol.
        a. Most critics will argue and say that marijuana is dangerous.   More people die each year because of alcohol and tobacco use.
        b. There has never been a single recorded death from the consumption of THC; which is the main chemical in marijuana (Wayland 2A).
        c. Over   ½ million people per year die from alcohol and tobacco. (DrugWarFacts.org).
        d. A New Zealand research study proved that long-time pot smokers do not have an increased risk of developing emphysema and cancer....


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