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Security in the Enternet

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internet privacy consiste on the ability to control what information is reveal about are self, a number of expert within the field of internet security belive that -this doesnt exist.
internet anonymity is suposto ensure privacy, use the internet without giving any third parties the ability to look at what you were doing .

cookie is a small piece of text stored on a computer and this consite on containing small amount of information cookies ere not executable there for they are not executable there for they are not viruss but do to the browser mechanism to set and read cookies , they can be use to track people and violate privacy concerns , some user choose to disable cookies, if we all diot we will be eliminaating potencional risk on are prrivacy, but many websites wont work.

data logging
many program are set up perform data logging,this many inclede recording lines when the PC is in use and what website are viside this could be avoided by avoided by disabling or logging out and clearing long regularly.
one way to improve your security is by encrypting all traffic being sent over the network, we shoul also take steps to insure that your PC hasnt comppromise.
by changing the default password of the wireless router.

other way to to provide haquer and other people to break in your PC ares:

changing the default name of your wireless network.
turn off ssid broadcast.
turn on WEO or WPA encryption ( if is able ).
update   your wireless router firmwore.
change the default wireless broadcast chanel.
trun off ad-noc networking.
enable SPl address filter.
setup filtering.

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