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Aguilar 1
Korina Aguilar
Ms. Mersy
23 January 2010
The Social Structure Theory includes three school theories: Social Disorganization Theories, Strain theories, and Cultural Deviance Theories. Social Disorganization Theory suggeststhat the poor cities violate the law due to that they live in areas that social control has broken down. Strain Theories see crime as resulting from the anger people experience over not being able to achieve social and economic success. Children that grow up angry or torn between households and different locations often grow up with careless attitudes, and give up on life thinking it has no meaning therefore they turn to violence to cope with their heartache and grief. Studies have been shown that lower class are more depressed and less likely to make achievement motivations and less likely to put off immediate satisfaction for future gain.
The Rational Choice Theory is based on several ideas: People choose all behavior, including criminal. These choicesare designed to increase pleasure and decrease pain that has been building up in the inside. Criminal choice, which can be controlled by fear of punishment
for the action that occurred.Questions are asked is crime rational? Studies have suggested yes crime is indeed rational. The Ration Choice Theory deals with how do we stop criminal behavior from its occurrence and the answer is deterrence. Deterrence is enough punishment to stop someone from breaking the law continuously. Another part of Rational Choice Theory is public policy implication which justifies those who violate another's right; they deserve to be punished for their action of inference.
The Social Structure Theory and Rational Choice Theory are different from one another in the sense that Social Structure Theory suggest that the poor cities violate the law due to that they live in areas that social control has broken down, this can result of the area of their childhood and how he...


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