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The Person I Admire

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What comes across your mind when I mention the name of Paris Hilton? I know what's on your mind. You'll say that she is a blonde bimbo. It is typical for people to label pretty girls as dumb. What's in their mind is only cute boys, shopping and make ups. They only use their brain only at minimum level. But I can prove you wrong.

    My friend Bella, the only child of Mr. Cullen is actually the best student in the school and apparently, she is also the prettiest girl in the school. When she smiles, you can see the dimples on her cheeks. Bella owns a pair of beautiful eyes and long shiny hair. Sometimes I wonder how can a human be so perfect?

    Bella always aims high in her goals and she works really hard to achieve it. She does constant studying every single day to be prepared for pop quizzes and tests. If a teacher asks a question, she will be the first one to raise her hand. She usually passes her examination with flying colors. If her grades are below expectation she will never gives up and keep trying harder. Bella is known as the top student in school.

    Besides her studies, Bella is also very active in sports. Netball is her main sport. She is really good at it and plays really well. she even got chosen to become the captain if the netball's school team. In order to maintain their body fit, her team and she ought to practice netball for more than 1 hour daily. She has participated in several of netball competition and has won a number of gold medals.
    The main reason I admire Bella is because of her determination. She is the type of person who works hard until she admires her goals. Plus, she never gives up but she only tries harder and that amazes me. Even though Bella has a very packed schedule with her studies and netball practices. Even so, she manages to spend time with her beloved ones, her parents. She always makes an effort to help her parents with doing house chores. That is the reason why I adore her.


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