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Home Working

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Due to the spread of technologies, such as the Internet, multimedia and electronic devices, employees can take the opportunity to work at home. Yet, some people contend that home working benefits employees instead of employers. I personally believe that, despite some possible drawbacks, tele-working benefits both employees and employers.
  First of all, it is an indisputable fact that employees are spared of the painstaking and time commuting to company. Given the fact that the traffic is rather heavy in rush hours and people are usually stuck in road, employees will waste time and energy on the way to office. As a result, morality will erode and enthusiasm will decrease. Home working, on the other hand, provides a viable solution to this problem because it reduces interruptions and commuting time. More time and energy could be used to deal with the work. Hence, productivity is improved, creativity enhanced and efficiency increased, which are in the interest of employers.
  Equally importantly, without presence of employers’ supervising employees’ works, people who work at home are increasingly motivated because they feel less stressful. Moreover, with employees working at home, employers are able to cut costs by saving office space and other facilities.
  Some employers may argue that it is hard to manage home workers and monitor their performance. Other concerns include a sense of isolation among home workers, lack of team spirit and communication, and possible deteriorating of employees’ skills and work quality owing to reduction of training opportunities. However, I think these problems are not insurmountable. Solutions lie with employers themselves. Their management skills should be responsive to variable working conditions. Employers could set adequate and proper time frameworks and clear targets for each project. Working procedures could be resettled, meetings and audio and video conferences could be held on a regular basis according to the...


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