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A weapon against humanity: Smoking

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A weapon against humanity: Smoking
        Technology has become a very important factor in our communities nowadays. It makes things easier for us, and saves up a lot of our energy. Some people say that technology can do anything.
But can the never ending new technology help save the 12oo lives that are taken every day?
ِAlthough the field of medicine has evolved, and there are many cures and treatments for different diseases, it cannot stop a teenager from smoking a cigarette. Everyday more and more people join the population of smokers, which according to the World Health Association (WHO) is more than 1.2 billion people.

        What is the unhealthy substance that these people put into their bodies?
            Most cigarettes are made out of nicotine, a colorless substance that is absorbed by the lungs that can reach the brain in less than 8 minutes. Smoking is suicide, by inhaling that smoke; smokers are ruining their bodies and killing themselves. They say that smoking is a personal right, but do they have the right to murder people? Many non-smokers die because of second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is the smoke that innocent non-smokers breathe in without knowing it.
Most people may think that second hand smoke is rare, and uncommon, but they don’t know the reality of the danger it has. In fact it has been proven that it is the third most common reason for the cause of death worldwide. Many scientists have done experiments in which they conclude that nonsmokers that are close to smokers are actually like people who smoke 3-5 cigarettes a day.


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