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A> Even though I have gained in terms of technical knowhow while working with over
the last 2 years , I feel I need to know more about the business side .This is since ,this business aspect has a crtical
role to play in any organizaton as it provides better insight into various processes right from the testing the viability of a
product to marketing the final product to the customers.Also, I tend to believe a management career equips us with the interpersonal/analytical
skills that are necessary for success in any profession.To this end , a career in management would fully complement my engineering background and technical
work ex. by providing a broader prespective of the workings of any oraganization.
A> 5 yrs -> as a mid level manager in a key decision making role
10 yrs -> as a senior level manager with powers to take important strategic decision affecting the company /division
Short term Goals -> Learn the essential tools of analyzing and decision making related to business
Develop people management skills
Long term goals -> Work in a field/position which I enjoy and which brings the best out of me .
Create an impact in the organization/field in which I work both in terms of personal contribution and leadership
Contribute meaningfully to the society/country with my work
q> Actions of 1 person which you would like to emulate and why ?
A> I would like to emulate the actions of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple co. . What is the most striking about his achievements is his ability to go against
the grain ,the so called "conventional" and "safe" , by taking a path which only some will dare tread .Wetherit be introducing the first commercial PC or
in introducing ipod, most of Job's actions have consistently broken established paradigms and have had a revolutionising effect on the entire tech. industry .His focus on quality and asthetics is also legendary.
A totally self made man , he...


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