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Technology has improved quality of our lives in many ways. There was an enormous growth and development especially in the recent years. Nowadays we can not imagine our lives without technology. What was regarded as luxury and extraordinariness has become a common part of our lives. For example mobile phones. In the near past it was just privilege of wealthy people and businessmen. Nowadays every person from the age of 5 to 70 has at least one. Cell phone has become affordable. Cell phones make our lives easier in privat and mainly in the working life. You can solve many problems through the phone calls and you do not need to looking for a phone booth, you do not need coins or stay all day in the office just because you are waiting for an important call. Parents give mobile phone to their children so they can better control them wherever they are. And if something awkward happens they can call for help.
But on the other side people have lost their privacy. Your boss can catch you up whenever and wherever you are. Also on Saturday or Sunday or during your holiday. If you do not pick up the phone then he can send you an email through the internet, which by the time is another technological improvement of recent years. You have better access to information, which can be really important in busines, but it also means complete loss of privacy. Beside sending of messages you can buy clothes, book tickets download movies By all means our lives became more quality but also quicker.
But technological improvements do not mean only internet or cell phones. Household appliance as microwave, washing machines, dishwashers, cars... All of these devices are becoming more modern and quality and make our lives easier and save our time.


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