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How Edmond Dantes Changes

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Dantes changes during and after his imprisonment Edmond Dantes changes alot during his imprionment, he become filled with hatre his hatred becomes just even worse when he escapes. Dantes learns and changes alot in prison.
Dantes become filled with hatred. Firstly after Dantes escapes from prison he becomes enraged when he finds out that his "best" friend marrys his lover, it is not the fact that he married his lover, but that he married her after only 2 months. Secondly after he learns of the judges betrayal he becomes furious and wants revenge which he gets, in the movie at the end Dantes gets revenge against the judge, the judge is trown himself into prison.
Dantes learns and changes alot in prison. In his imprisonment he learns a great deal about economics, we see in the movie that Dantes knows how do deal with money, we see how he buy all of Fernands shiping connections, he does this so that Fernand will become bankrupt and will become misserable, because all he thinks about is money. Secondly, in prisson Dantes learns how to read and write, this is a skill he uses alot after his escape. Lastly, the thing that changes Dantes the most is, when he learns of the Spada teasure. After he gets the treasure he changes his name to the count of montecristo, and with all of the money he can execute his plan for revenge. This what Dantes learns and how he changes
Dantes leaves prison a very changed man. After his escape Dantes is unreconisable to all the people that he knew. Mercedes barely reconises him, for he is not the same man as he was when he was imprisoned in Chateau d'if. When Dantes becomes the Count of monte cristo he gets a new image, he dresses another way and and grows a beard. The thing that changes dantes the most is the money that he gets, when he gets the Spada treasure he changes, he become a very excentric man.
This is how Edmond Dantes changes during and after his imprionment, we see that he become filled with hatre his hatred becomes just...


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