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News Journal                                                                                             Carmela Heranandez
Entry 1                                                                                                                         CHM 105

Environment: Troubled Water, August 31, 1970; TIME
All towns across this country are being supplied water whether by the city’s water-supply system or by wells.   The Department of Health, Education and Welfare were conducted a survey to   monitor whether the waters were safe to drink.   In these surveys they checked to see if the water was contaminated or had any type of poison or substance that made it unfit to drink.   The Bureau of Water Hygiene found that 900,000 people were drinking water that was highly contaminated with poisons like selenium, lead, fecal bacteria and arsenic.   In addition to these surveys, the bureau investigated why the water may have been so contaminated.   They found that in some cities the water systems lacked staffing, proper equipment or the will to properly test the water and take action.   When told that his water supply was contaminated, Superintendent Dave Simoncini for Harrison, New York took no actions because his facility’s team of surveyors found nothing in their samples.   So, he took no action because it is up to the local water-supply system.
What the article is suggesting is that local water-supply systems should be checked and tested more often and always take action.   I agree with this article because water is being consumed by human beings 24 hours a day seven days a week.   These human beings may have certain allergies and anything could trigger that.   But, I am pretty sure everyone is “allergic” to selenium, lead and arsenic.   When lead is consumed by the body it stays there.   When lead is the body for too long it can stay in the blood.   Lead can also cause mental damage and slow the brain down.   So, these facilities should properly test the water and take action...


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