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Julius Caesar 6

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Amanda Richards
Honors English II
Julius Caesar –Act III Essay Project
The assassination of Julius Caesar was committed at the capitol, by the conspirators. Caesar had further warning from the Soothsayer by word of mouth outside the capitol, yet dismissed it at the time, believing that if he did not enter he might not have a chance at “his”thrown. All of the conspirators stabbed him to death while “pretending to plead a case” (Prentice Hall Literature Platinum, 1996). Gandhi also had somewhat further warning before his assassination; this is because the same man that killed him had tried to attack him by planting a bomb the week before, and had tried to kill him several other times. Gandhi also disregarded that at the time and did not go about his day any more carefully than before. (Gandhi: A Memoir, 1979)
After the assassinations of Julius Caesar and Mohandas Gandhi were carried out, the political landscape became a disaster, in both cases.
After Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated it was announced as an “international crisis” a fellow Hindu, Jawaharlal Nehru, addressed the nation with the following statement,
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