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1850 Compromise

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Back in the 1850’s the population of America quadrupled. The manifest destiny was when people believed that the United States was suppose to expand in two ways, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Artic to the tropics. It was said that
“Providence supposedly intended for Americans to have this area for a great experiment in liberty”.
The Unites States government agreed on making a permanent Indian frontier. People were already violating the frontier on the pacific. Soon Indians were forced to live on small reservations and forced to learn the laws of the white man or die. Most Indians died from trying to leave the reservations, malnutrition and disease.
There was a big impact during the fugitive slave act during compromise of 1850. The compromise of 1850 were several law put into place to settle all big slavery issues. The fugitive slave act stated that any slave that was captured after escaping must be returned to his/her owner in which ever state they came from but there were lots of obstacles that had to be crossed before they could get the slave back. No mater how long ago the slave had ran away to the free state he/she must be returned. When this came about people start to kidnap the slaves and sell them. Claiming that they were fugitive slaves that just tried to run away from slave states to the free states. When these kidnapping started it made the abolitionist furious. Posters were going up to rally citizens around the community. Blacks and some whites were coming together to rescue fugitive slaves that had been captured again so that they could escape to Canada. After this happened the president sent 250 soldiers to help 300 armed armed officers to help ONE man return to slavery.    
The impact that the anti-slavery movement had on American politics was enormous. Many people where starting to move closer to the Anti-Slavery theme. So of course many people who were running for office or in office wanted to keep the people happy so that...


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