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Animal Farm 25

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Teddy Ayalew

Orwell, George. Animal Farm .New York: Penguin Books Ltd, 2000.

In this 128-page book, animals , kept the under tyranny of Mr. Jones , become inspired and motivated by the pig , Major, who tells them that he dreamed of a human free Utopia in which all the animals could live in . So the animals eventually revolted and took command of the farm, for equality. Slowly equality amongst the animals began to disappear as the intellectual pigs began enforcing laws until eventually the pigs were no different than the humans that they had fought off.

From Totalitarianism to Socialism to Communism

      In many countries Socialism rises from capitalism, as Karl Marx says. In most cases countries that do so are well off. But In other countries, for example Russia, Socialism, a system in which government regulates and control the economic production, can come to exist by rising against a tyrannical leader. In this case those advocating for socialism are following a leader who promises a better future where all are equal. Unless the majority of the population is intelligent than the leader can use deception to slowly make changes in the government eventually ,in addition to economic control, have autonomous control over politics.

      Animal Farm begins with Major expressing his dream of a Utopia in which all the animals can live in equality away from humans, the tyrants of the story. This idea at first seems extreme but finally the animals, the majority of them naïve and unsophisticated, are swayed to revolt as the intellectual pigs invoke a Utopian like life where the animals will be better off.   Eminent among the pigs are the two leaders, Napoleon and Snowball. One night, the animals, having enough, eventually revolt when Mr. Jones decides to whip them for trying to take food. Now Totalitarianism has been brought down by the unsophisticated animals and intelligent pigs.

      Now free of the tyrants, Animal farm is under Socialism. This in the...


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