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Only the Strongest and the Fittest Live in This World. Do You Agree or Disagree

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Title: Only the strongest and the fittest live in this world. Do you agree or disagree

Today, our world is full of competition. We compete to improve ourselves and strive for the better. However, it is inevitable in our life that there will be some of us who will slow us down and limit our improvement. Minority of human beings are weak either in the physical way or weak mentally. This group of people are the ones who need protection and help from others. The question is, should we let the strongest and fittest live and sacrifice the weaker one?

No. a weak person does not mean that he could not contribute in the advancement and improvement of human beings. A handicapped person may be weak physically but intellectually or mentally, he could be better than others. For example, the Big Bang theory, in fact, was figured out by a physically handicapped person. All he could do was to think. He was constantly analyzing and interpreting questions that came to his mind. He was a great thinker and at last, he wrote out the Big Bang theory and was awarded the Noble prize in the year 1990. Beethoven was deaf. However, he managed to compose music and had contributed greatly to the musical field. Not to mention Albert Einstein who was claimed to be foolish when he was young, and many other great inventors. Hence, if the world had sacrificed the weak, we could have lost the whole lot of knowledge!

If we were to argue that the strongest and the fittest are the rich and those who live wealthy life, what about Mother Theresa? She was penniless. She was the poorest among the poor but her kindness shook the world. She helped the poor and the sick, she gave hope to the hopeless. Her love and humility is what many rich people did not have. What would the world be like if we see money faces everywhere?
Many people work hard to earn money without realizing that the most basic thing,that is the love for others , is gradually fading in their lifes. If we had sacrificed those who...


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