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Why I Still Wait for That Person?

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Why i still wait for that person?I still see that person in my dreams. Dont know what to do . I tried to educate my mind that you will not get everything you wish and may be you are not the perfect one for that person.
Maybe that person does not desreve you but I really dont know. I am getting crazy , its not a crush, its certainly not, because if it would have been a crush then i wouldnt have been writing this.
I am not after lust. I never thought of it and never thought of it with that person but i really really want that person. I dont need that person but i want that person. I am ready to fix my life and discard whats unfit and obselete in my life and i am promising myself every night that i will do my best to make myself the deserving one for that person.
I dont expect anything because i dont want to be selfish , i really want to feel this feeling like feeling the air. I want this to work perfectly . That person is partly aware i guess but if that person is not having any clue about my effort then also i will be trying in a blind faith that that person will see one day that how concerned i am to make it workable.
I see myself in the mirror everyday and i know i am not perfect and from looks wise i may be nothing but from heart point of view i am perfect. My biggest mistake is that i believe that this fantasy will be in real sense one day but it wont be happening. I am not losing hope and i am not even thinking negative , sometimes you know that this or that will happen and it happens and i guess i am just like that , still trying like ant to climb the mountain.
This life is full of dreams and i love to live in them because i know that if i step in this real world i will only get hurted because in this real world we have to be happy at any cost , may be at some extent we are happy just from outside but from inside we are crying like we lost everything we had.
I remember that i used to saw movies and used to admire the love but now i am in love and...


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  1. hi pulkit
    • Sep 24, 2011 - Evaluator: (maxpreysler)
    • well.. that was intense! strangely, for some reason I was able to connect to the emotions of it. I do believe Love has to be evenly worked out from both the parties cause thts the rule, right? Keep the faith! good luck!