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The Government Should Spend a Large Amount of Money on Artistic Projects Such as Painting in Public.

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The government should spend a large amount of money on artistic projects such as painting in public.

The issue of whether the government should spend a large amount of money on artistic projects has caused quite a stir.
Personally, I think that social and economic development has brought about profound changes to the cultural arena. Culture has always been an indispensable part of our lives and it has always exerted a profound influence on the way we live, work, play and learn. Therefore, it is imperative that the government invest more money to expand artistic projects.
Most importantly, investment in artistic projects can not only promote the development of artistic projects itself, but it can also promote development of other industries. The development of artistic projects creates more employment opportunities. For instance, artistic projects have attracted more children’s interests in terms of art, which have made more children begin to study art. These not only enable children to fulfil their artistic potential, and meanwhile it has promoted the development of educational industry and cultural industry.
Moreover, the artistic projects have the inherent advantage of affording people more entertainment and pleasure which enrich people’s experience of daily lives; hence, people can profit from the investment in artistic projects.
Admittedly, in present-day society, a host of countries are afflicted with chronic poverty. Their top priority is still how to develop the economy. So it is unrealistic that let these governments spend a large amount of money on artistic projects. However, it is precisely that we have to be confronted this problem in the progress of developing in the society.
The economy is a key determinant of developing culture; therefore, we must be depending on different circumstances to adapt different measures to developing artistic projects.
Overall, investment in artistic projects is in the best interests of public and the...


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