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A Perfect Fairy Tale----Daddy-Long-Legs

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A perfect fairy tale----Daddy-long-legs
  Recently, I’ve read a short novel called Daddy Long Legs. I’ve heard about this novel long time ago and it is really makes me curious about this novel. After read this book I think about many things in our life and I like this book very much. Here below are some of my feelings of this striking novel.
  Judy, a little girl who grew up in an orphanage, was the main character in this book.. Though she was young, she had to take the burden of life. She must do lots of work every day; her life in the orphanage was hard and difficult to endure. However, one day there appeared a man so called “Daddy Long Leg” who changed her life totally even though she has never seen him. With the help of daddy long leg, Judy went to university to study and lead a normal life like other girls. Meanwhile she always kept in touch with the so called “Daddy Long Legs”. And gradually, an extraordinary love story was on show between them.
  This novel was commented as the warmest and most romantic love fairy tale. Its amazing ending made it an ideal tale and I admire that kind of pure love very much. The story is peaceful and filled with harmony. This book is formed by a series of letters wrote by Judy to state an ordinary girl’s campus life and her reflection of life to daddy long leg. At the beginning, little Judy was astonished by her utterly different new life in the university compared with what she had had in the orphanage. During her transition period, we can see the changes of her caprice, pride, assiduity; contentment and vanity as a little girl have through her letters.
  For Daddy Long Leg, I think he is a rebellious person at that time. He is genuine and considerate. He always offers help to the poor orphans, especially shows his genuine love to Judy. They both have a sense of humor that makes them optimistic toward life.
  In this world, I think to tell the truth, to show others what you really are is not easy. Only with courage...


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