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Microbes Assesment Project

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Microbes Assessment Project:


    • What is a microbe?pg1
    • My chosen microbe?pg2
    • How does it spread/reproduce? pg3
    • What are its idol living conditions?pg4
    • Who is most at risk?pg5
    • Where in the world is it most prevalent?pg6
    • Symptomspg7
    • How to prevent & The curepg8

What is a Microbe?

A microbe (or micro organism) is an organic life form that is microscopic (not visible to the naked eye). Microbes can be bacteria, fungi and viruses (although viruses are not usually classified as microbes as they are generally classified as non-living or not alive and they need a host to survive). Most microbes are single celled organisms but they can be multicellular if they are microscopic plants or animals in which case they are classified as microbes.
Bacteria can inhabit almost every habitat or environment where water is available and the temperature is below 140 °C. They are found in the sea, air, soil, hot springs and even deep beneath the earths crust in rocks. The estimated amount of bacteria is around 5 × (10)30. Bacteria have a soft cell wall and in optimal conditions they can divide on average around once every 20 minutes. The formula for finding this is y=abn .
Fungi are used for many things like for food preparation. Yeast is a fungus and is used to make bread, wine, beer and soy sauce and mushrooms are fungi. Along with bacteria fungi are vital in the process of decomposition. Fungi interacts with both plants and insects in fact over 90% of plant species survival depend on having some sort of relationship with fungi. And some insects have a mutual relationship with fungi as in some circumstances the insect protects the fungi and the fungi provides the insect with nutrition.
All animals are multicellular but some are not big enough to be visible to the naked eye. Micro-animals such as dust mites or spider mites are commonly know to most people and they also have...


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