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The Splendid Speaking Course Volume 1 Unit 2 ‘Active Listening’ Splendid Expressions ‘Work’, ‘Health and Illness’

Unit 13: A Healthy Workforce
Task: Role Play (3-4 minutes)
Topic vocabulary To have a sedentary job To lead a sedentary lifestyle To be desk-bound To be out of condition To feel run down To take time off sick To get into shape To keep fit To tone up your body Light/moderate/vigorous exercise To take a (short) break To take up exercise To take a brisk walk To go jogging To work out at the gym To hold/run drop-in sessions Stress-related Immune system To burn calories To eat a balanced diet To watch what you eat To go on a (low fat) diet To lose weight To have a sense of wellbeing To feel full of beans To increase productivity To live a healthy lifestyle To relieve stress


Introduction: Your boss has sent your team the following memo:

Memo As part of our staff development week we want to promote health and wellbeing to our employees. I’d like you to come up with 3 or 4 suggestions to encourage staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We’ll use them as the basis for an article in the company newsletter.
2. Planning: Before joining your group, spend a minute or two making notes
on any ideas you have to encourage staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

3. Task Focus: In a role play like this where the objective is to reach a
decision, it’s a good idea to work together cooperatively rather than competing against each other to come up with the ‘best’ suggestion. One way to do this is to acknowledge what the other person has said, whether you agree or disagree. For example: ‘That’s a really good point because …’ ’I can see what you mean but …’ This will help build trust and rapport and allow you to show off your interactive communication skills as you acknowledge, respond to and develop points made by your group. Focus on this during the...


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