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My beautiful grandma   is about 68 years old now. She is not that tall but not

short either, about five feet, three inches. She has dark brown sparkly eyes and

long dark hair that is getting lots of gray, but she wears it really proudly.

She keeps her hair tied back all the time. She loves wearing bright colored dresses

She likes to wear different shades of blue colored dresses, usually   in

traditional clothes like saris. She loves small flowered patterns and sparkly borders

on her clothes.

I spent most of my childhood in grandma’s house and stayed with my grandma

until I started to go to 1st grade. I have a warm comfortable feeling whenever

I think about her. Growing up in my grandma’s house, I had lots of fun, she used

to let me do whatever I wanted do.

I miss her a lot because she is in Nepal right now. Last time I went to visit her was

two years before. She is as beautiful as when she was young. I have seen her old

days pictures. Every picture of her looks like movie stars. She has a beautiful

smile. My grandfather jokes with her a lot. Whenever he teases her she gets shy,

and she walks out form the room and tells my grandfather, “why do you tease me

front of my grand kids?”

When she laughs it feels like all the surrounding gets brightened, she has that

persona that everyone around her gets attracted by her.

I have lots of pleasant memories of her. She used to tell me story every night

before I went to bed. I remember, when she was telling story she used to say it in

deep airy   voice   like ”once upon a time there was a girl” and her voice went

deeper and deeper, then after a while, used to find out “oh! It is about me.”

She loves inviting family and friends all the time; Every festival, occasion and

holidays she invites all the family. She loves cooking, mostly she likes to bake and

cooks spicy food too. All our family love her food. She has lots of

collections of cooking books, and...


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