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Personality's Role

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The thesis introduces the fate of Robinson Crusoe, and the lesson that his choice and his final fate give us. It describes Robinson Crusoe went out from his parents’ house to sail in the sea without following his parents’ advice for his own dream though his parents had leaved lots of properties for him. What he wanted was freedom, and the life which he created. When he successfully left his home for the sea, he met the serious disasters that he could not imagine before starting his trip, but he decided to continue his sailing, which leaded to his finally drafting to an isolated island. Luckily, he escaped from the terrible place, and began his new life. We can see that Robinson Crusoe is a person with stubborn and firm character. The thesis aims to discuss and praise Robinson Crusoe and his choice according to his own thought, and it also tells us that we should insist on our own choices and be responsible for them.
Key Words
Character; fate; work; effect

Character decides fate. Human being is the center of the world. Since human being opens their eyes, they are confused by their fate. While under the same social background, family environment, and with the same intelligence, some people are successful, but others are failing. The reason is the different kinds of character. Accordingly, different character lead to their different kinds of fate. According to the dictionary, character is the mental or moral qualities that make a person, group, nation, etc different from others. Generally speaking, character is the psychologist feature in the attitude and behavior when a person deal with people and matters, such as reasonable, stable, and frank. But character is not just simple, for every kind of character has its different sides; the cultural background of temperament is the basic factor of character. Fate is the power believed to control all events in a way that can not be resisted; destiny. Fate is not so mysterious that can not be...


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