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Art Essay

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Iconic Bracelet

Our class was to evaluate artworks at the Vincenne’s art gallery this week and I chose a piece of art called, “ Iconic Bracelet.” This picture was so odd at first sight, viewers can hardly look away from it. So many details fill the page that your mind is boggled completely and wants to stare more so it may have a chance to figure it out somehow.
Immediately upon looking at the page, two spiked collars forming a cross are in the middle of the page and are the most important part of the picture. Easily recognized things in the artwork are various body parts such as eyes, ears and arms. They are scattered heavily throughout the page and cause a slight unsettling feeling and makes the onlooker question.
The picture is split in two parts. The top area has a pale green background that gets lighter the closer it is to the crossed collars in the center. The two areas of the artwork are split by a thick black bar that runs across in horizontally. Below the bar lies some sort of ring in the center. It is also centered and a red background the fades as it gets closer to it, lies around it. It is also noteworthy that the two main subjects listed are much more detailed and are the only three dimensional objects on the paper.
Like listed before, the subjects are in the middle of the picture and are highlighted by the fading of the background in the surrounding areas. After looking at the main two parts, your eyes glide around and cannot help to see the massive amount of eyes, ears, and limbs randomly strewn about on the page. Again, they create an odd feeling because of how weird it looks and the impulse to make sense of it. This artwork cannot be narrowed down to just one mood, it creates

so many that are all mixed together for different reasons. If it needed to be slimmed down to just one feeling though, it would be an awkward feeling.
It is hard to tell what exactly what the artist was trying to say with all the different body parts and...


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