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After finding an abandoned baby in a car seat next to a dumpster in 1998, Tim Jaccard, the Safe Haven Alliance president, decided to create a law that gave scared mothers with fear, a safe opportunity to reach out for help and give up their babies unharmed. He said, “If we’re able to save at least one child, then its well, well worth it.” Currently, every state has adapted a “Safe Haven” law, which allows a parent or guardian to drop off their infant- from seventy- two hours to sixty days old- at an authorized place, such as, a hospital, fire department, or police station, without the risk of being prosecuted. Lately, parents in Nebraska have been dropping off their young children and teens at local Safe Havens. Parents from other states are even crossing state lines to drop off their children at Safe Havens too. Now, state senators are left to decide whether or not to put an age limit on the law, or allow minors to be included. With studies showing arguments for both viewpoints, the decision to have no age limit for the Safe Haven Baby Moses law seems to be more beneficial.

      Most people would be quick to judge on a parent abandoning their child, but there’s always a reason behind every action. According to the Child Welfare Organization, there are several reasons why a parent would abandon their child. Reasons such as: depression, low income, harmful thoughts, and mental instability (Child Welfare Information Gateway). With the economy leaving many penniless, parents see this as a way to better their child’s lives.   Take a mother in Texas for example. A mother and her daughter were living out of the backseat of their car just struggling to survive. The woman decided she wanted to give her daughter a better life then living out of the back seat of a car. The mother drove across state lines to Nebraska and dropped off her seven year old daughter at the nearest Safe Haven (Garfinkle). The woman from Texas has a point. Isn’t the responsibility of a parent...


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