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Canada and the United Nations

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Canada’s Role as a Peacekeeper
Past Achievements in Peacekeeping -

The United Nations set up the Security Council in 1945, with the 5 most powerful nations (the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain, France and China) as permanent members. The role of the Security Council was to stop or prevent wars and restore peace in the world. In 1945, some member nations thought that the UN should have its own powerful army however; the other nations opposed the idea. So, when the UN requires an army, for peacekeeping or for fighting a war, it must borrow soldiers from the member nations [Desmond 1]. Participation in international ventures, such as the Korean War, allowed Canada to take an active role in world affairs.   During the post war period, Canada created for itself the role of mediator and peacemaker. Canada became recognized for its efforts to use quiet diplomacy to resolve international disputes and willingly participated in UN peacekeeping missions with military force. This peacekeeping role was useful, responsible, and relatively inexpensive. It became a pillar of Canadian foreign policy in the post-war period and depended, fundamentally, on the skills, dedication, and strength of the Canadian military. Between 1947 and the present, Canada has participated in over 50 UN peacekeeping missions. More than 125,000 soldiers have served as peacekeepers in UN operations around the world [Military History 2]. The most significant of Canada's early peacekeeping missions occurred in 1956, when an Israel-Arab dispute over the Suez Canal threatened the stability of the Middle East. Canada’s chief UN delegate, Lester Pearson, was able to negotiate a diplomatic solution - fast. He set up a multinational peacekeeping force. The Canadian contribution to this international contingent was originally to be based on the 1st Battalion, The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. However, Egyptian President Nasser announced his refusal to accept a regiment of "soldiers of the Queen"...


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