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Marriage is an important turning point in one’s life. It must be made prudently because it is not just a personal matter. Marriage is considered to be the most stable and legal condition for two grown adults to live together, fulfill their sexual desires, and raise offspring. It is said that marriage brings love and companionship which eventually leads to happiness. This is achieved by trusting, loving and relying on one’s spouse.
However, many married couples have divorced and this rate has increased rapidly in recent days. Why is it that more and more people are being dissatisfied with their married lifes? Allegedly, the most common reason for separation is dissimilarity in character. Other main reasons cited for divorce were arguments over financial matters.

In the past, there were not any words like divorce. It used to be that when people had a problem they would lock themselves into a room, and trash the problem out
until it was solved. A few years ago a divorced couple looked badly and were shunned by others and   our ancestors took their wives’ sacrifice for granted and they believed that family must be kept no matter how unpleasant it was. But nowadays, divorce is like an open door, an escape people can too easily resort to whenever they have even the tiniest problem. However, as society changed, Confucianism gradually faded and individualism is now prevailing. This atmosphere brought about a favorable viewpoint toward divorce and an increase in divorce rate. In addition, cohabitation or living together without being married, continuously increased also.

For example, commonly two people have a different sense of economy, no wonder money problems took the second place among the many reasons for divorce.
Finally, the most important concept in marriage is mutual trust. It applies to all human relationships. If the trust is broken, maintaining a good relationship is impossible. Therefore, we should always make best efforts for the mutual trust....


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