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Animal Testing 8

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Animal testing
Humans are wasting lives to get money and to make another life a little bit more happy, a human life. Anybody could ask a question, does putting on the new “cover girl” mascara cost a life? Humans have the same value as a dog, In terms of life they can tell, not apart. Stories have been told for as long as human has lived, a well known saying is “man’s best friend” but who’s the friend? As told, it’s the dog. But if the dog’s your best friend, why are you painfully killing it? Afriend means trust. How can one live at the fact the meaning “friend” means “kill” or your excuse is, “it's for human kind and some people out there need it more than this dog, my dog” then why doesn’t that scientist give his life? Some people would say, it’s a dog, he’s human. But in the matter, humans are no higher up than a dog, except for the fact that humans have a more developed brain, but that makes no difference to the animal.
If you asked a scientist why he or she tested the animals he would answer “because they are like us” referring to humans are alike to animals.Then you ask why do you kill them? And the scientist would answer, “ because they are not like us.” How can one be the same and still different? The animals are just the same as humans, but humans are much more intelligent than animals. Therefore we can test them because they are hopeless. As a more simple answer.
Why can a human develop the ability to travel off the surface of the earth, land on the moon and walk around, but can’t form some way of testing products without hurting the animal? The answer: money.
Animals are dead Animal are alive


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