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‘Twelfth Night Is a Story of Impossible Love’-Discuss

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‘Twelfth Night is a story of impossible love’-Discuss
Play is love but some people left loveless Malvolio, Antonio, Olivia
We instantly recognise the shallowness of the love in the following characters; all of them are easily tricked. Therefore, the idea of self-love is seen as absurd. Duke Orsino is clearly only in love with the idea of love itself and views Olivia as merely the object of his foolish love. Sir Andrew is so full of self-pity that it is almost impossible for him to love Olivia. Because Malvolio is blinded by his own self love, his apparent "love" for Olivia is presented as utter idiocy. Olivia is sparked by pride while searching for love. Even the love between Sir Toby and Maria is self-seeking Shakespeare contrasts this with the idea of true love.

Love is generally represented as something that is irresistible, spontaneous and overpowering. It is portrayed as being dangerous and something that can destroy a person, and is very difficult to get rid of. Shakespeare compares it to disease and suffering, and shows that it can cause pain. Orsino describes love dolefully as an 'appetite' that he needs to satisfy, but is unable to and Olivia more bluntly describes it as a 'plague'. Even Viola who is less melodramatic sighs that 'My state is desperate for my master's love'. Because those who suffer from it are consumed by it and become desperate, they resort to violence to secure the love of another. For example, Sir Andrew

In this production, Malvolio is a woman. She is a woman who has felt secret desires that could not be revealed for fear of being outcast and ostracized. The importance of Malvolio's role in the play cannot be over-looked. Malvolio exposes frailty and weakness. She exposes her real desires and is made to appear very foolish; even insane for doing so. Her mask of officialdom and officiousness in nature is come undone and even draws on the secret fears of the multitudes. What makes Olivia believe the lie of Malvolio's fault is...


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