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Do You Agree or Disagree with This Statement: “It Is More Important for Students to Study History and Literature Than Science and Mathematic”, Use the Specific Reason and Example to Support Your Opinion.

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Essay: Do you agree or disagree with this statement: “It is more important for students to study history and literature than science and mathematic”, use the specific reason and example to support your opinion.

Nowadays, with the high speed of development of science and technology everybody seems too busy with their work which majority related in Math and science. So the value of history and literature are being quite defied as the result of it, some generation student are forgetting their source and their national culture. For this reason, many people believe that it is more important for students to study history and literature than science and Math. Today, in this writing I would like to tell you my point of view about that idea.
First of all, we can not deny that in many schools and universities almost social subjects such as: history, literature are being taught in traditional way, pupils and students must listen to the lecture, write down and learn by heart. For me, that work is so boring and terrible and another reason is after the exam almost the knowledge collected by this method will be forgotten soon. On the other hand, history brings us a lot of information and it will be very useful when we go abroad or travel. Moreover, literature also plays an important role in our life; it is the original point of emotion. How do you feel when you read a love poem of Pushkin or some romantic novels, all of them can help us to complete our mind and spirit. Have you ever think how the world is if there is no literature in our life? Human will act as the machine, no soul, no felling, day by day.
Secondly, what will happen when we only concentrate on the literature and history whilst skipping science and mathematic? In my imagination, at that time human will see everything under pink-glasses; in their eyes everything is wonderful, romantic and fanciful. But the truth is always the truth; it is very severe and difficult so they can not stand stably under the...


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