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How to Be Happy

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How To Be Happy
The dictionary defines happiness as “good fortune, contentment and joy.” This definition is true, however reaching happiness can largely vary from person to person. To be happy, one has to reach his expectations and every person has unique expectations for theirselves which they pursue in hope. Depending how realistic these expectations are, the consequences may be considerably different.

Imagine an unemployed person who has to support his family. He has always wanted to get a job as an assistant in a bank. Now, imagine another man who has a good job. He earns more than the money he needs to feed his family and have fun. The first man does everything he can and works continuously to get the job at the bank. However the second man always examines and admires lives of millionaires and very upper class people. After few months, the first man gets the job at the bank and earnes enough money to support his family and also to have a good time but the second man is still dreaming and also struggling, trying to be like the people he admires. Even though the first man still isn’t as wealthy as the second, he is happy. This is because his expectations were logically moderate and he achieved what he wanted to.

Keeping our expectations realistic and moderate doesn’t mean that we should limit our imagination. We should always use our imagination to get new ideas. These will be keys, opening doors to new opportunities and chances which will make us step forward.

If we manage these opportunities correctly, always be foresighted when making our decisions and make lemonades when life gives us lemons, we will reach the first step contentment (as in being successful and satisfied with yourself) quite fast. After reaching success, if we relax and plan the rest of our lives by not having stress, we will accomplish the second step, good fortune and if we enjoy our life full of success and satisfaction, we will complete the third and the last step joy. If we...


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